Students of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Asst. Prof. Dr. Hatice Reyhan ÖZİYCİ visited Unilever-Food Solutions company to examine the effect of taste interactions, which are very important in food design, on eating perception within the scope of the “Sensory Analysis” course. During this visit, sensory tastings were performed on desserts and dishes with different textural and taste characteristics prepared by the Mediterranean Regional Chef Fatih ÇAKMAK. 

Among the recipes that stimulate multiple senses at the same time, there were “Chicken Schnitzel” prepared with bread crumbs used to provide the golden yellow color and sourness required in the original recipe, to reduce the oiliness feeling with sour sauce greens; spicy “Crispy Coated Chicken” fried with crispy bread crumbs and accompanied by Peri Peri and Sweet Spicy sauces for taste richness; “Beef Tenderloin” with Dem-Glace sauce enriched with umami taste with chicken broth and accompanied by forest fruits; and “Cheddar Sauce Cheesecake with Chocolate Crumble and Vanilla Mousse” accompanied by sweet and spicy tastes and crunchy structure with palate refreshing vanilla flavor.  

The students, who observed that the food experience can be perfected with the interaction of different textural structures and tastes at the same time, also evaluated the industrial sauces and ready-made coating mixtures developed by Unilever company gastronomically.