Department of Architecture Students First Graduation.

The final jury and exhibition of ABU Architecture Department was held in Dösemealti Campus on May 30, 2018. Together with the coordinator of the course Asst. Prof. Dr. Hülya Aybek, instructors Asst. Prof. Dr. A. Esin Kuleli, Res. Asst. Esin Dayi, Res. Asst. Alper Gülle, Dean of Fine Arts and Architecture Faculty Prof. Dr. Ayse Sagsöz, Department Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Koçak, Lec. Ramazan Sari and Lec. Beste Sabir, Chair of Chamber of Architects Antalya Branch Özge Köksal, Akdeniz University Architecture Department Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Bakir, former Executive Dean Dr. Lecturer Paola Ardizzola and Lec. Gülhis Duygun from Kocaeli University Architecture Department were participated to the jury. Therefore, students had the chance to take comments and to discuss about their projects before their graduation. Students studied on Karaalioglu Park and its environment, which has a special importance in the social and cultural life of the city, and proposed new functions for its development.