Testing Office

Antalya Bilim University is an English medium university. Students are required to read, listen, write and speak in English at the Upper-Intermediate (B2) level to follow their lessons in their faculties. Therefore, the duty of the Testing Office is to track the level of English of the students during their education in the English Language Training Program (ELTP) and determine if they are ready for their faculties.

At the Beginning of the Academic Year

Students who are qualified to study at Antalya Bilim University are required to take the ABU English Language Placement Test. The test is held at the beginning of every academic year on the main campus.

The Placement Test is a multiple-choice exam assessing grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening skills. Those who score below 70% on the English Placement Test are placed in the appropriate levels according to their scores.

Students who score above 70% on the Placement Test have the opportunity to take the Proficiency Test in order to be exempted from the English Language Training Program.

Click to see Proficiency Exam sample.

The Proficiency Test measures students’ abilities to understand and respond to academic lectures and articles. It consists of: a lecture followed by short-answer questions; an academic reading which students are required to summarize; and an essay question on a topic related to the reading.

The students who score above 70 on the Proficiency Test can start their education in their faculties, whereas the students who fail to score above 70 are required to continue their education in the English Language Training Program and are placed into a level according to their placement test scores.

Students who submit any of the following internationally accepted exam score papers can be exempted from the English Language Training Program.

The accepted scores are as below:

PTE Academic: 62, (minimum 59 points for each section)

Module Tests

In the ABU English Language Training Program, the academic year is divided into four modules. Students have the opportunity to pass to the next level after each module. In order to pass, students must receive a combined score of 70% or more based on classwork, score on the level’s midterm test, and score on the level’s final test. Classwork, including homework and participation, determines 40% of this final grade. The midterm determines 20% and the final determines 40%. All midterms and finals test reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. The Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate finals also include speaking sections.

Additional Opportunities to Take the Proficiency Test

Students who do not pass the proficiency test at the beginning of the academic year will have two additional chances to take it, one at the end of the second module in January and the other at the end of the fourth module in June.

Coordinator: Ayşe ÖNCEL  -    ayse.oncel@antalya.edu.t