Message of the Director of the Vocational School of Justice

Dear Students of the Vocational School of Justice of Antalya Bilim University,

As the management and academic and administrative staff of our Vocational School, we are aware of the huge responsibility that we have undertaken to help you realize your future goals. Our primary aim is to train you as professionals who can create added value, improve themselves in terms of professional and social aspects and directly contribute to the development of our country.

In addition to providing vocational knowledge to our students, our objective is to prepare them for the ever-changing competitive environment in Türkiye and throughout the world and equip them in a way to successfully maintain this race where science, knowledge and technology come to the forefront. Our Vocational School aims to become a scientifically strong school which is open to communication and innovation, makes its mark at an international level, produces effective solutions to meet the required qualified workforce in cooperation with the business world and encourages teamwork with the help of its education program, high quality standards and its competency to equip its graduates with hands-on skills. While our curriculum mostly consists of applied courses, it is also reinforced with a program that will contribute to the social development of our students, and constantly updated with sectoral developments and demands.

With the help of our young and dynamic staff, I believe that we will train our students as individuals with innovative, competitive and ethical attributes who will add value to their profession, nation and humanity, and I wish you superior success both during and after your education life.

Kind Regards


Asst. Prof. M. Fatih AK