Assistant Professor Dicle Korkmaz’s book entitled

Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Dicle Korkmaz’s book entitled “Turkey and the EU in an Energy Security Society: The Case of Natural Gas” is published by Palgrave. The book explores Turkey-EU relations in the context of natural gas. Utilising the English School theory of the International Relations and narrative policy analysis, the author examines EU narratives on Turkey’s role in European energy security in the sphere of natural gas, as well as narratives of Turkish actors on natural gas pipelines and the liberalisation of the natural gas market. The book discusses the extent to which the positions held by Turkish actors in natural gas and energy security constrain and/or enable its integration with the EU. After determining the current relations in the sphere of natural gas within the theoretical context of “energy security society”, the book discusses the extent to which a further integration is possible or not.