IAED 201 Fall Semester

Interior Design Studio I in Fall 2017-2018, students were asked to design a home-studio for a specific artist. At the beginning of the semester students have done a comprehensive research about the character, life-style and working-style of the artist and later they have accomplished a detailed site and building analysis through several trips to the field. In the next stage, students have shaped a design concept based on the researches and analysis and throughout the semester have expressed and developed design solutions in the light of their concept. Their final design proposal was expected to represent the personal and professional characteristics of the artist.
In this project Benzin Cafe in Konyaalti has been transformed into a one story building including artist house, studio and exhibition. At the end of the semester students have represented their project to a jury team.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Shirin Izadpanah (Co.)
Asst. Prof. Dr Mustafa Küçüktüvek
Research Asst. Serpil Fatma Bahçeci
Research Asst. Begüm Söyek