Prof.Dr.Mesut UYAR and Prof.Dr.Edward J.ERICKSON’s New Book

Prof.Dr.Mesut UYAR and Prof.Dr.Edward J.ERICKSON’s New Book is Published


Phase Line Attila: The Amphibious Campaign for Cyprus, 1974

Edward J. Erickson, Mesut Uyar

Quantico: Marine Corps University Press, 2019

This book is about the Turkish campaign for Cyprus in 1974. Although the amphibious phase of the operation was one of the last major operation with vertical component and certainly contains valuable lessons, unfortunately, it has never received serious academic interest and research. There is a large body of published memoirs by Turkish, Greek and Cypriot veterans but no official military history volume by anyone of the combatant nations and almost nothing in English other than period journalist accounts. It looks like the never-ending political deadlock on the future status of the island is instrumental in discouraging military historians. Due to lack of sound academic research, however, stories, legends and conspiracy theories have been proliferated which are poisoning the relations between both Cypriot communities, Turks and Greeks more. This book is attempt to fill the void in English by providing sound information about what had happened on the island.