- Application for the program to ABU

- Application to the host university

  1. 1. Application for the program to ABU

Students must meet the minimum criteria before applying to Swiss Mobility Program;

  • Students are required to apply online at ABU website.
  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 2.50 CGPA and have completed 1 regular semester. Erasmus + Mobility Program is especially offered for 2nd or 3rd year students.
  • Weighted score for selection will be evaluated as: 50% of English proficiency +  50% of CGPA.
  • All students must provide ABU English Language Exam  minimum score of 70
  • Interview will be made after the avarage of Exam results and CGPA.

2.Application to the host university

  • After the students get nominated and results are published on website, ABU informs the host universit with the name of  the students.
  • Universities langague of instruction can be in German and French. Please don’t forget to check it.

You can find the requirement documents:

3.Visa and Entry Requirements

The students should apply for a visa. Entry to Switzerland is possible in this case only after the application has been approved. A visa for tourist cannot be converted into a visa for students.