Abdurrahman MOHAMMED
  • Research Areas

    Theories, practices, and systems of urban planning

    Sustainable urban design

    Environmental aesthetics

    Management of heritage conservation

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  • Bachelor's

    An-Najah National University (Nablus/Palestine)

  • Master's

    Mackintosh School of Architecture,The Glasgow School of Art.University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

  • Doctorate

    Mackintosh School of Architecture,The Glasgow School of Art,University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Abdurrahman MOHAMMED

Abdurrahman Mohamed was born in Khanyunus, Palestine where he finished his secondary education in 1980. He got his BSc. in Architectural Engineering from Annajah National University, Nablus, Palestine in 1986. With a grant from Barakat Trust Institute and University of Glasgow he finished his PhD in Architecture at Mackintosh School of Architecture in 1996. He served at several institutions and universities in Palestine, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. He has been working in the Department of Architecture, Antalya Bilim University since 2018.