Healthcare Employment Program in Europe (HEPE)

Antalya Bilim University will provide, graduates from Turkish university 4-year undergraduate health programs are eligible for German-language training  which will enable them to apply for job opportunies in Germany. The training will be organized by Antalya Bilim University’s Continuing Education Center.

For detailed information and application form

ABU-HEPE German Language Courses

Required documents

1.Aplication form

2.4-year university diploma (a graduate certificate from e-government is sufficient.)

3.At least 2 years of working experience in the health sector (SGK service statement from e-government is required.)

4.Motivation letter (Minimum 250 words in Turkish)

5.Resume (Vocational trainings, certificates and the departments in which they worked should be specified in detail in the CV with photo.)

6.Criminal Record (German from e-government)

7.Copy of Identity Card

8.The knowledge of German by the applicants will be effective in the selection of the candidate.

9.The English language skills of the applicants will be effective in the selection of the candidate.

10.*In online courses planned three days a week, the total course hours per week is 15 hours and there is a 90% attendance requirement.

General Information about the Program;

1.9-month training period is planned for the candidate to reach the B1 level.

2. A1, A2 and B1 levels are confirmed by the relevant exams conducted by the Goethe Institute in Turkey.

3.The German Language Education Expenses of the candidates will be covered by the partner in Germany.

4.Equivalency procedures of the candidates in Germany will be carried out by Antalya Bilim University and PARTNER.

5.Candidates who received the B1 certificate in Turkey will continue their Pflage Certificate (B2 language proficiency) and Service Sector Law training in Germany. (If the candidate does not receive this document within 1 year, he will work as an assistant health worker.)

6.Candidates will be employed in all regions of Germany, primarily in the State of Lower Saxony.

Aplication form