The applicant must meet the general admission requirements that pertain to all master's degree candidates at ABU.

The applicant’s prior education must include the following prerequisites:

(1) one year of calculus

(2) mathematics course beyond calculus relevant to Computer Science (specifically, discrete mathematics)

(3) a programming course using Java, C/C++ or Python subject to advisor approval (note that the actual competency in Java, C/C++  or Python is expected)

(4) a course in data structures

(5) a course in computer organization.


If the applicant’s prior education does not include the prerequisites listed above, they may still be admitted under provisional status, followed by full admission once they have completed the missing prerequisites. Missing prerequisites may be completed within      the Department of     Computer Engineering      at         ABU       (all     prerequisites   are available), or within the              Cybersecurity      Masters         Prep   Program, or at another regionally or internationally accredited institution.

The applicant may submit a detailed resume if they would like their academic and professional background to be considered.

There are three tracks offered at ABU Cyber Security Master’s Degree Program, namely, Networks, Systems, and Analysis. The three tracks have additional requirements: The applicant should have had a course in networking prior to taking courses in the Networks track, a course in operating systems prior to taking courses in the Systems track, and a course in both, network track and systems track, before taking courses in the Analysis track.

*If the applicant is an international student, they may have additional admission requirements.