Seven courses, a seminar and a thesis must be completed within four years (two year program with two years extension for failed courses). In total 120 ECTS credits are required.

Students are required to choose a track to follow.

The curriculum consists of three foundation courses and three courses from the Cybersecurity program (which includes selected courses from the Computer Science, Information/Data Security, and Applied Mathematics fields).

At least two of the three elective courses must be from the chosen track.

Transfer courses (from other universities/institutes/programs will be considered as electives. Transfer courses must meet all general Antalya Bilim University Masters Degree requirements for transfer, must be directly applicable to Cybersecurity, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Only one C-range grade (C-, C, or C+) can count toward the master’s degree. All the rest would have to be in the range of B- or above.

All course selections are subject to advisor approval.

Graduate students who are not pursuing or not able to obtain a master’s degree in Cybersecurity (but instead certificate level 1) should consult with their advisor to determine which courses must be successfully completed before certificate level 1 courses may be taken.