1- The ability to communicate effectively with oral, written and visual methods in Turkish and English, report writing and presentation.

2- Ability to work effectively both individually and in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams.

3- Awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning and the ability to access information, to follow developments in science and technology, and to constantly renew himself.

4- Information about project management, risk management, innovation and change management, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

5- Awareness about sectors and ability to prepare business plans.

6- Awareness of professional and ethical responsibility and acting in accordance with ethical principles.

7- Ability to define and model complex engineering problems, and to develop and apply effective solutions to these problems.

8- Ability to design and conduct experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret results in laboratory and computer environment for the investigation of engineering problems.

9- Ability to apply Basic Sciences, Basic Engineering and Computer Engineering design principles and methods for modeling and solving engineering problems.

10- Sensitivity to contemporary social problems, awareness of the ethical and legal consequences of engineering solutions.

11- Ability to apply Discrete Mathematics concepts and topics.

12- Ability to develop, select and effectively use modern engineering techniques and tools, information technologies and software.

13- Ability to perform the analysis, design and management of a computer system with hardware and software components under realistic constraints and conditions with modern engineering methods.