Dear students


Midwifery is a professional health discipline that provides necessary care and counseling in the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, provides normal births under its own responsibility, cares for newborns and family planning consultancy. Antalya Bilim University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Midwifery 14.04.2021 established with the President's Decision, and started its educational journey with its first students in 2021-2022. The language of our department is Turkish and it is a 4-year undergraduate education program. Our educational philosophy; It is based on human value, sensitivity, responsibility, justice, equality and respect. As the midwifery department with its well-equipped staff, our goal is to train health professionals who have international knowledge and research skills in line with contemporary approaches, who know the society and health problems in which they live, who can use the critical thinking process, who respect human rights and values, and who will lead the society. We aim for our midwifery graduates to gain the ability to carry out education, consultancy and care services for the individual/women/pregnant/family and society with a holistic approach with an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility, and to perform their professional practices in line with professional midwifery values ​​and ethical principles.

With this understanding, we are happy to train you with all our academic and administrative staff. I congratulate you for choosing Antalya Bilim University Health Sciences Faculty Midwifery Department to become a member of a profession as old and valuable as human history. As a whole team, I state that we are there for you when you need it, and I wish you all a successful and happy university life.

Best regards.


Head of Midwifery Department

Dr. Lecturer Özlem ŞAHAN