Important Notes:

1) The program requires the completion of 120 ECTS in total. 60 ECTS of this total is achieved through the ECE 592 Master’s Thesis course and the remaining 60 ECTS is achieved through coursework.

Except the ECE 592 Master’s thesis course, ECE students are required to complete (at least) 8 courses and at least 60 ECTS in total, out of which there are two mandatory courses.
Mandatory Courses:

- ECE 585 Scientific Research Methods and Ethics

- ECE 584 Graduate Seminar

Following the coursework phase, students are required to take ECE 592 Master’s Thesis course every semester until successful completion of their thesis work.

2) ECE students can take up to two courses from the undergraduate curriculum. However, since undergraduate courses are usually 6 ECTS and ECE courses are 7.5 ECTS; students will need to take an additional course to account for the ECTS difference (3 ECTS if two undergraduate courses are taken). LUE 502 Academic Writing, Reading and Presentation Techniques is a good candidate as it is 3 ECTS. In this case, the number of courses taken becomes 9 instead of 8. The remaining 60 ECTS is achieved once  ECE 592 Master’s Thesis course is completed.

3) Courses with a grade of C or below are considered as unsuccessful and must be taken again. In this case, students may choose other courses as a replacement regardless of what they choose previously.

4) ECE coordinator is assigned as the advisor of incoming students automatically. However, students should determine their thesis topic and choose their advisor accordingly.  This should ideally be done by the end of the first semester. If needed, students can change their thesis advisor by filling out the advisor change form. Students must determine their thesis topic by filling the Thesis Proposal Form and submitting to the institute.

5) Thesis submission and defense procedure is outlined below:

The forms can be downloaded from the following link: Forms.


The student who has completed his/her thesis, must present it to his/her advisor. After the advisor confirmation, the student delivers the following forms to the Institute.

  • 1 Thesis
  • Thesis Submission Form(25)
  • Master / PhD Dissertation Plagiarism Report Form(45)
  • Plagiarism Report




If the Institute finds the thesis appropriate, the student’s advisor must determine the thesis jury and submit the jury information to ECE coordinator. Also, the following steps should be taken:

  • The student provides five copies from the thesis
  • The student submits one copy to Supervisor, two copies to main Jury Members, two copies to Substitute Members and submita the signed Thesis Delivery Form(47) to Institute.
  • The time between submission and distribution of thesis must not exceed 10 days.




The student who submits the Thesis to Institute, defenses his/her thesis within a month at the latest. The student who succesfully defended, delivers  the following documents to the Institute: 

  • Thesis Exam Official Report Form(21)
  • Thesis Submission Form(22)
  • Thesis-Project Data Entry and Sharing Form (23)
  • Declaration-Permission Form (30)
  • Thesis Jury Evaulation Form (43)-(3 Copies for 3 Jury Members)



When the student submits the Thesis (2 copies), 1 CD, YÖK Thesis Data Entry Form to Institute, the process of Thesis Defense is completed.