The Department of Political Science and International Relations (PS&IR) was created in 2011 as one of the core departments of Antalya Bilim University (ABU). Since its creation PS&IR constantly expands and attracts academics from different countries and disciplines. Today the department has a mix of multinational established and young academics and it is considered as one of the most dynamic departments in Türkiye. The department offers a unique interdisciplinary BA degree, which integrates research in political science and international relations. Our faculty covers a wide scope of topics that help students to understand key political ideas and trends that inform domestic and international processes, the role of state and non-state actors, dynamics of global politics, the rise of new powers, the challenges that have emerged due to globalization and various threats to security of states and the global community. In addition, our program attaches special importance to the methodological training of the students. PS & IR provides advanced qualitative and quantitative data analysis courses and encourages students to go beyond traditional research methods.

Our undergraduate degree is four years (eight semesters) and the language is 100% English. During their four-year training, our students can take language courses where they can learn more if they wish, a second foreign language. 

Antalya Bilim University is an Erasmus university. Political Science and International Relations have partnerships with many universities in the European Union. Thus, students can spend a term or a year of their studies in these countries. Our department and the ABU Erasmus Office are continuing their work in order to increase their educational co-operation.

There are 11 academic staff members; 10 faculty members and 1 research assistants.