General Information About Internship


The students of Political Science and International Relations Department may apply for an internship during the summer period of the 2nd and 3rd years if they meet the prerequisites prior to their application.

Internships completed by students with success will be equivalent to an area elective course. Students who do an internship during the summer period following their 2nd year spring semester and students who do it during the summer period following their 3rd year spring semester will be registered for WIL391 and WIL 491 area elective courses respectively.

In case students find an opportunity to do an online internship in a qualified international organization and institution throughout the year, their applications will be exceptionally examined and decided by the Internship Committee.

The department announces the dates for internship applications during the first half of the spring semester.

Students with a GPA above 1.80 are eligible to apply for internships at workplaces within the country or abroad. It is the students’ responsibility to find and arrange the internship institutions though the institutions they choose have to be approved by the POLS Department Internship Commission.

Students are required to report their experiences during the internship in Form 3: Interim Report by the third week of the internship period and in Form 4: Final Report at the end of the internship period. These reports are evaluated by the Internship Commission consisting of three department members and the final letter grade of the student for the area elective courses – WIL 391 or WIL 491 –  will be decided upon the joint decision of this Commission.