Internship Experiences

POLS Students have taken WIL 391 and WIL 491 courses in the previous years by completing their internships both in public and private sectors. Presidency of Turkish Court of Accounts, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Strategic Research Centre), Antalya metropolitan municipality, Kütahya Municipality, Konyaltı Municipality, Muratpaşa district governorship, Datça district governorship, Aksu district governorship and Şişli district governorship can be given as examples for the public institutions where internships were done.

In the private sector our students had the opportunity to gain experience in organizations such as YAYSAT, Magvet Gettinge Group, Tureks Turunç Madencilik, AGT Ağaç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, Frekans Makine, DESPAK Tarım Ürünleri Ltd.Şti, AKDEM Textile, Migros, SUNNY – ATMACA ELEKTRONİK, and Hillside Beach Club.

Not only the internships within the country but also internships abroad are accepted and evaluated upon the Department’s confirmation and under the Internship Commission’s supervision. Both foreign students and Turkish students have so far completed their internships during summer period abroad at institutions such as Centre for Migration Research – ZMF (Zentrum für Migrationsforschung), Austria; Ministry of Finance in Republic of Ingushetia (MINFIN of the Russian Federation); Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam; and Nigerian Immigration Service.

 Sena Muş - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Strategic Research Centre)

Even though I spent only one month for my internship in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Strategic Research Centre, with all the networks that it provides me even after years, it was a great experience for me. It is the right address for you if you want to listen to an ambassador the practice of the theory of international relations in the field. It is a unique chance which enables to see through the trainings given by the experts in their fields and visits that are arranged to various organizations how the foreign policy of a state is shaped. It also helps you to realize your potential whether you can take part in this process after you participate in the assigned research topics and trial exams. On the other hand, candidates for career officers who come from different universities all around Türkiye will both contribute to your perspective while you will also enjoy the visits the museums in Ankara during this process :)

Süeda Göçmen – AKDEM Textil

I have done my internship at the marketing department of a textile firm. Here I had the chance to communicate with customers from different countries. I joined the preparation process of the materials that were going to be sent to international fairs. However, I cannot say that my internship was very efficient since I did not have an active role here. Nevertheless, doing an internship here made me see that there are options other than the academy.

Rümeysa Tekin (Frekans Makine)

I have done my internship at the foreign trade department of a machine factory. I did not have much knowledge about machines and foreign trade, but it helped me to understand whether I am interested in things like importing and exporting. Despite having some difficulties since we do not have foreign trade as a separate lecture, I did not face any problems in communicating with customers. I recommend you to do an internship, especially if you have not decided what you want to do in the future.