Our students at Antalya Bilim University are not passive individuals but active individuals who participate in research projects. She joins our faculty International Research Network and benefits from both national and international research funds for her projects. Under the guidance of faculty members, our students take part in research projects themselves using a variety of research techniques, such as data collection, analysis and interviews. In the summer of last year, three of our students, together with a faculty member, conducted research in the Netherlands to carry out an international research on immigration, which was included in the management of our department.

Recent Projects

***Cerem I. Cenker-Özek TÜBİTAK 1002 Hızlı Destek Programı, 2014-2015 

Proje Title “Sosyal Ağların Sivil Toplum Etkinliği Üzerine Etkisi: Antalya Örneği”


***Dr. Dicle Korkmaz, who has been working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, has been granted a TUBITAK scholarship within the scope of the Post-Doc Research Funding Programme.

   She will conduct her post-doc research entitled "Turkey-EU Energy Relations: Energy Security and Integration" at the The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies for 6 months.

   Analysing the narratives of different actors in Turkey and the European Union, the project aims to make a projection on Turkey-EU relations in the sphere of natural gas.  


Dr. Dicle Korkmaz