As an alumnus of Antalya Science University, I'm humbled by the call to highlight how instrumental the university was in shaping my career and academic achievements. This institution provided a solid undergraduate foundation, enhanced by exceptional mentorship from its distinguished faculty. During my time here, I secured prestigious accolades such as the Erasmus Exchange Program to Germany and the California-USA Fellowship, which expanded my global perspectives and leadership skills. These experiences paved the way for significant opportunities, including a position at Rwanda’s Foreign Ministry, a fully funded Master of Science at Oxford, and a placement at the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency. Furthermore, this solid foundation enhanced my securing of offers from over seven top global universities for PhD programs, including a prestigious Presidential Scholarship from Harvard to pursue my PhD aspiration. As this demonstrates, Antalya Science University excels in offering a vibrant educational environment that fosters growth, innovation, and a global perspective. Its interdisciplinary approach and the faculty's expertise make it a beacon of knowledge. For those seeking a blend of self-directed learning, international exposure, and career development, this university is unparalleled. It’s more than an educational institution; it's a launchpad for future leaders.

Julius Kaliisa / Class of 2020


I graduated from Antalya Bilim University, Department of Political Science and International Relations in 2020. The same year I enrolled in a master’s degree program at Pavia University in Italy and currently I am preparing my thesis. Actually, the master’s degree program has showed me once again the quality of the education that I acquired at ABU. I can say that thanks to the knowledge that the Political Science department gave me, my MA classes were easier for me. During my education at ABU, I had the opportunity to work part-time at the department and with the experience that I gained there and the Erasmus Internship Program, I completed an internship with a professor in Italy this year. Though I have graduated, I am still very much attached to my university because I still feel the support of our academicians. They are still sharing with us news about internships or job openings. I consider myself lucky because thanks to the opportunities that they gave me, I knew what I wanted when I graduated. I believe that with its well-equipped and qualified academic staff, ABU Political Science Department has prepared me very well for the future.


Fatma Nur Yurekli / Class of 2020

There are many things that I truly enjoyed during my time at the Department of Political Science and International Relations. The first is how diverse the courses are, especially during the second half of my undergraduate studies. I was able to learn about various concepts, many that I had never thought about before. I was able to broaden my thinking and understanding of global affairs. Another thing that I liked was the attentiveness of our professors. Some of the advice I have received from my professors have helped me significantly in deciding my future goals. Whether it is in discussion-based classes or outside while having a cup of coffee, I was able to have intense conversations with our professors about various issues. I highly recommend the program for anyone interested in politics, and anyone who does not shy away from having debates.

After graduating, I have been working as a teaching assistant and special needs educator at an international school. I am also in the process of applying to graduate programs. I am genuinely grateful for the time I spent at ABU and the POLS program.

                                                                                   Betesayda Bezabeh /  Class of 2019


Studying Political Science and International Relations, means that you will be equipped with a full picture of how the world functions, and to develop your own thoughts and conclusions. I remember as a student, not only did we receive a worldwide view of politics, but we enjoyed a miscellany of subjects and seminars offered by our distinguished professors or guest speakers. In addition, our professors at the department of POLS deliver on their promises. Each course is organized and taught by a specialized professor in the field, using different methods such as: Interactive lectures, Problem-Based learning (PBL), Enquiry-Based learning (EBL), as well as research assignments. One of the other advantages of the department is its support for openness. Classes serve as open spaces for students to express themselves, to constructively ask questions and debate, and to categorize their thoughts in order to sharpen their ability to analyze situations, both professionally and personally. All these traits make the department of Political Science the best place for curious students to become rigorous in dealing with everyday issues, and elevate their awareness of the world around them.

After obtaining a Bachelor degree at the department of POLS, I pursued a Masters’ degree in European and International Governance in Brussels, Belgium. I currently work in a company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The role requires negotiation skills, public speaking, and attention to details. It would be amiss not to mentions that I developed these skills as a student at the department of Political Science and International Relations.

                                                                                               Younes Ait Said /  Class of 2019

My name is Beyza. I am one of the first graduates of Antalya Bilim University. At the time of university applications, I had searched the profiles of the professors. I had noticed that all of the faculty members had experiences abroad and were graduates of high-ranking universities. This was the reason why I chose to study Political Science and International Relations at Antalya Bilim University.

During my college years, I attended international programs in London and Amsterdam. I had the chance to attain multicultural experiences in courses and extracurricular activities. I graduated from the faculty with honors degree and thereafter continued my master’s at Sabancı University. I was able to join volunteer projects in Romania and Germany during my MA. This helped to further improve my language skills in English and German. I was a hardworking but a lucky young woman to build up such an international background.

Thanks to my language abilities, I could start my professional career as a Foreign Trade Manager at my current job. Besides my professional life, I allocate some of my time to other hardworking and enthusiastic young women to advance their English skills. I am a voluntary English teacher at Strong Girls Foundation with the aim of supporting young women.

                                                                                              Ayşe Beyza Gürlü / Class of 2017

The most important reason for why I chose Antalya Bilim University is that it is an international university. The university allows students to look at events and people from different perspectives at an international level. It gives us the opportunity to study in the same environment with people from different nationalities, with different cultures and languages.

Besides this international feature, the academic quality of prep-school instructors and the department professors impress you starting from the time you enroll in university and throughout your education. The fact that I could speak and write English proficiently only after one year made me love the university before starting my actual study at the department.

In the first years of university, I had the opportunity to do an internship in Rixos The Palm Dubai during the summer vacation. Afterwards, I found the opportunity to join a project at Amsterdam University for three months. Currently, I am working at Rixos Headquarters Turkey in the Sales & Contracting departmant.


Elif Dede / Class of 2017