Established within our university in 2015, Career Center aims to help students get to know themselves throughout their educational lives, be aware of their knowledge, skills and abilities, and establish a career consciousness by getting familiarized with the business world through internships.

The main objectives of the career center are:

  • To ensure that our students develop awareness of their knowledge, skills and abilities through personality development trainings and seminars,
  • To guide them towards various lines of business based on their knowledge, skills and abilities,
  • To support them towards their career objectives,
  • To provide them initial guidance for work and internship,
  • To inform them individually or collectively about work and internship,
  • To bring them together with senior executives/representatives known in the sector or with academicians who are experts in their fields,
  • To inform them about master’s, doctorate, work and internship opportunities at both domestic and international levels,
  • To help them improve themselves in their fields through certified programs,
  • To help them be up to date on current topics in their fields,
  • To help them build larger networks for themselves,
  • Briefly stated, to train our students to become wellequipped, social and professional individuals who are eligible to be employed at both domestic and international levels.