Rector's Message                                                                  

When our young people are planning the next steps for their futures, those who've come before them have the responsibility to be their pathfinders and their guides. It is with this understanding that, from its earliest days, our University has sought to help our youth make the right decisions about their lives by first making the right plans about their careers.

To choose the right career, a person must know himself very well, and the career he chooses should be a good fit for his abilities, talents, interests, resources, and personal uniqueness. She should be aware of the knowledge and resources required for her field and improve herself accordingly. Based on this understanding, the career center aims to help our youth become more effective in the wider world, make connections with well-known experts, and get clear answers to their career questions so that they can begin their career journeys in the light of this knowledge.

If our youth are to have a happy and prosperous life, it is vitally important that they find careers they love. Humanity needs generations that are responsive, successful in their work, and most importantly, happy. The specialists at our career center will do everything they can to meet these needs and will continue to always walk alongside our youth.