Laundry service is provided,
For guest rooms, cleaning and maintenance services are provided,
Cleaning service and periodical control are provided for the buildings and surroundings in our campus,
Monthly activity reports are prepared,
Required consumables such as toilet rolls, liquid soap, polish, washing agents are requested at monthly periods,
Hands-on training is provided for staff on the use of cleaning machinery and chemicals,
Periodical maintenance of floor cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners are conducted,
Cleaning service is provided before and after festivals, conferences and social activities,
Any technical problem is reported to the technical unit,
All marble areas are polished and maintained in good condition,
All glass areas are cleaned,
All garbage in recycling bins are separated and dispatched to the waste collection system,
All parcels that come with cargo service are sent to the university are received with signature and distributed to relevant units,
Parcels to be sent are also received from the relevant units and submitted to the courier company,
Necessary materials are prepared during promotion and registration periods,
Cargo bills for the received and sent parcels are tracked,
Pest control is carried out by applying pesticide once a month in winter season and twice a month in summer season,
Pest control for the offices, classes, canteen, cafeteria, coffee shop, cafeteria, dormitories and the outer space are performed by pest control companies that have ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Certification), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) documents,
Stationery materials are delivered,
Garbage centers, recycling system and waster control system are regularly maintained,
Paper recycling bins are regularly maintained,
Battery recycling bins are regularly maintained,
Paper, battery, cardboard and glass waste is separated, and it is ensured that they are regularly collected by relevant units.