Dear Students,

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics within the body of Antalya Bilim University started its educational activities in 2021 with its expert academic staff.

With the increase in chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and the adoption of the importance of the strengthening and protective effect of adequate and balanced nutrition on the immune system, the interest in nutrition science and therefore Nutrition and Dietetics graduates is increasing.

Our aim as the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics; To train high-quality "Dietitian" with universal thoughts and values, in accordance with international standards, in order to protect, improve, develop and improve life-long public health with adequate and balanced nutrition, education, research and consultancy services based on science and in international standards and to guide the determination of the health policies of the society.

Dietitians who organize the nutrition plans of individuals of all ages and conditions with the basic principles of nutrition science; They aim to increase the quality of life of individuals and society, to reduce the rate of chronic diseases and to reduce health expenditures, with the nutrition education and consultancy they provide.

Dietitians; they have the opportunity to work in many institutions such as community health centers, healthy life centers, health care institutions such as polyclinics, hospitals, all institutions where mass nutrition is provided, food and beverage, food supplement and medical nutrition product companies, their own nutrition counseling centers.

In addition to improving their theoretical knowledge by doing projects and homework, writing articles and debating discussions within the scope of intensive curriculum, our department students also have the chance to apply the knowledge they have learned in well-equipped research laboratories and intensive internship programs.

Our goal is to increase both social and global health by training high quality and well-equipped dietitians in our department.

I wish you, our esteemed students, health, success and happiness during your education process and throughout your professional life.


Asst. Prof. Aysel ŞAHİN KAYA

Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Department