1. Gains extensive knowledge of mathematics, science, related engineering fields and general engineering issues.

2. Identify and solve complex engineering problems with appropriate analysis methods.

3. To be able to design a complex electronic system to meet the desired performance, considering real life conditions and using modern design methods.

4. Can develop new techniques and tools for solving current engineering problems.

5. Can use computer software and hardware technologies and information technologies effectively.

6. Can produce innovative solutions by designing experiments for solving current engineering problems, collecting data and interpreting the results.

7. Can work actively, either individually or in teams with engineers from the same or different disciplines.

8. Gain competence in effective written and verbal communication in Turkish and English, making presentations and preparing technical reports.

9. By following the developments in science and technology closely, it continuously increases its knowledge with the awareness of lifelong learning.

10. Acts in accordance with the standards, scientific and ethical principles used in engineering applications at every stage of his career.

11. Can define business life concepts such as project management, risk management, change management, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

12. Gain awareness of the universal and social effects of engineering applications on health, environment and safety and the legal consequences of engineering solutions developed.

13. Solve problems involving probability and statistics, derivative and integral calculations, multivariate mathematics, linear algebra, differential equations and complex variables, including electrical and electronics applications.

14. With the awareness of social responsibility, he can organize projects and activities for the social environment he lives in and apply them.

15. Can plan and manage activities for the development of employees working under a project within the framework of a project.