KY-FR-0304 IE 304 Facility Planning and Design

KY-FR-0332 GEN 200 Engineering Economics

KY-FR-0335 GEN 401 Occupational Health and Safety I

KY-FR-0337 GEN 402 Occupational Health and Safety II

KY-FR-0338 IE 201 Operations Research I

KY-FR-0341 IE 212 Statistical Models

KY-FR-0342 IE 291 Internship I

KY-FR-0346 IE 312 Engineering Quality Control

EM-6 IE_313_Production_Planning_and_Control

KY-FR-0352 IE 381 Simulation

KY-FR-0353 MATH 300 Numerical Analysis for Engineers

KY-FR-0356 IE 491 Senior Project I

KY-FR-0358 IE 492 Senior Project II

KY-FR-0359 MATH 101 Calculus I

KY-FR-0361 MATH 102 Calculus II

KY-FR-0363 MATH 201 Linear Algebra

KY-FR-0366 MATH 202 Differential Equations

KY-FR-0368 MATH 211 Probability and Statistics for Engineers

ÜY-FR-0598 BIO 102. Biology

ÜY-FR-0599 CHEM 101.Chemistry

ÜY-FR-0600 ENEN 101. English for Engineering I

ÜY-FR-0601 ENEN 102. English for Engineering II

ÜY-FR-0602 ENEN 401. Technical Writing and Presentation

ÜY-FR-0603 GEN 404. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ÜY-FR-0604 HIST 101. Atatürk’s Principles and the History of Turkish Revolution – I

ÜY-FR-0605 HIST 102. Atatürk’s Principles and the History of Turkish Revolution – II

ÜY-FR-0606 IE 102. Introduction to Industrial Engineering

ÜY-FR-0607 IE 202. Operations Research II

ÜY-FR-0608 IE 203. Fundamentals of Microeconomics

ÜY-FR-0609 IE 301.Special Topics in Industrial Engineering

ÜY-FR-0610 IE 303.Operations Research III

ÜY-FR-0611 IE 391 Internship II

ÜY-FR-0612 ME 112.Computer Aided Technical Drawing

ÜY-FR-1011.ECTS. IE 465 Environmental and Social Advancements in Industrial Engineering

ÜY-FR-1013.ECTS. IE 467  Industrial Engineering Techniques and Practices in Health Management

EM-5 IE_306_Operations_Research_III

EM-4 IE_301_Industrial_Engineering Seminars


ÜY-FR-0576 IE 240. Introduction to Industry 4.0

ÜY-FR-0577 IE 349. Blockchain-Case Studies

ÜY-FR-0578 IE 350. Industrial Nanotechnology

ÜY-FR-0579 IE 401.Topics in Industry 4.0

ÜY-FR-0580 IE 411. Decision Support Systems in Engineering

ÜY-FR-0581 IE 412. Forecasting Methods and Applications

ÜY-FR-0582 IE 428. Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

ÜY-FR-0583 IE 431. Scheduling

ÜY-FR-0584 IE 432. Queueing Theory

ÜY-FR-0585 IE 433. Dynamic Programming

ÜY-FR-0586 IE 434. Stochastic Programming

ÜY-FR-0588 IE 460. Adaptive Optimization

ÜY-FR-0589 IE 461. Advanced Optimization Methods

ÜY-FR-0590 IE 462. Computational Optimization

ÜY-FR-0591 IE 470. Digital Transformation and Technology Management

ÜY-FR-0592 IE 472. Supply Chain Management

ÜY-FR-0593 IE 473. Lean Manufacturing

ÜY-FR-0594 IE 474. Logistics

ÜY-FR-0595 IE405. Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods

ÜY-FR-0596 IE407. Occupational Health and Safety in Industrial Engineering

ÜY-FR-0597 IE420. Special Topics in Industrial Engineering

EM-11 IE419__Independent Study I

EM-12 IE420__Independent Study II

EM-7 IE_413__Digital_Transformation_Paradox