The Candidate Intern Student should fill in the form below and share it with the IFS (Department) internship officer.



Student number:


Name :


Surname :


TR ID No .:


Birth Date :


Department :


Class :


More ago insured as you try do ?





Internship Date / Day Information:

Start and end dates :


Internship duration ( business days as ) :


Weekly business day :





Internship Institution:

Institution Name:



Institution Type : ( Private Company , Government Institution , University):


Sector of the Institution : ( Production , Manufacturing , Logistics , Service , Transportation , Tourism)







Phone :


Web address :














Institution Responsible:

Name Surname :


Title :


E-mail address :


Phone :






I guarantee the accuracy of the information I have stated in my statement above, that I will be able to Capture the Personal and Corporate Damages that will arise if I do not go to the internship or leave the internship or due to my false statement.


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What is Antalya Bilim University Internship Information System (Internship Follow-up System (IFS))?


This system is used to keep the information of trainees, consultants, internship authorities and internship officials in these institutions, to keep and save the internship reports and the pictures used in these reports, to eliminate the paper / document traffic and to make the internship approval processes on the web. It is used to ensure that the processes are handled more smoothly.


A guide explaining IFS functions and how to use them can be found at the following link: