I'm Benginur Aki. I graduated from Antalya Bilim University Industrial and Computer Engineering departments in 2017. After working as a Production Planning and Control Engineer for 2 years at the company named Aptiv after university, I came to Milan for my master studies. I am currently continuing my Master's degree in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano University.

My personality was very effective in my department decision. While I was studying the department, I realized that I was born as an Industrial Engineer myself. Each lecture I studied at the department, benefited me in various ways both my club work and in my social life. I attended the classes with pleasure and never thought that I would just pass the exams. I even discovered that I applied theoretical lessons unconsciously in my life. Therefore, the difficulties I had always came to me as the quirk of the department, I did not regret it when I got tired. Because we learned to progress and improve constantly. I think we should apply the same principles not only for systems but also in our lives.

I can say that the departmental courses were neither easy nor difficult. There were times when we all had difficulties. This is not only for our department, but also for all lectures. No matter which department is chosen, everyone should risk working and having some difficulty. My favorite part of the school is our relationship with our professors. There is no feeling like working with the knowledge that I can reach my professor without hesitation. Because you know that you will find support every time you stumble. We still have an environment where you can exchange ideas with teachers who can trust your good intentions and ideas, on both school and private life. Even while studying at another university, my relationship with my professors is still the same, it is very important to feel this bond.

I think Antalya is the most beautiful city in the world. I would love to live at this amazing city again. Antalya offers students many social options. It is a city where people can develop themselves in terms of personal development and hobbies. It has many locations that you can enjoy even just by walking and it makes people rest. Although I am in a beautiful city like Milan, I still have Antalya in my mind :) I can easily say to those who have doubts about this that Antalya will be one of the most beautiful cities you want to live in.

English education of our university is definitely a great advantage. In today's conditions, English is not an option, not even a distinctive factor. Firms assume that you already know English very well, even if you don't need to use English, you can be considered invisible in the market. When I came to the preparatory class, I knew almost no English. I never worked that year with the effect of leaving the university exam. Our lessons were very interactive and we seemed to be playing games. t the end of the year, we all spoke fluently in English in a way that we didn't know how. Of course, the reason was the establishment of a well-planned educational program and ecosystem. They forced us to speak English :) Since we were a group with foreign friends in games, we had to explain our problem in English. Our teachers were foreigners, even our Turkish teachers never spoke Turkish. It is still astonishing to read English without any effort, without any difficulty. Homework, presentations and projects prepared in the course prepared us for today. I would like to read a thousand time more preparations, though :)



















Benginur AKI

I'm Miray TOKA. In 2015, I started Industrial Engineering at Antalya Bilim University with a full scholarship and graduated in June 2020. I chose the Industrial Engineering Department by researching under the guidance of my advisor at my high school. During my 5-year university life, since the departmental courses were all taught in English, my English language skills have been improved to advanced level. With the language courses in the curriculum I also learned the basics of German and Russian languages. In addition to the courses and the internships I completed in accordance with my department, I received minor education from the Economy by recognizing departments outside my own department and applying to the minor program provided by the school in the 2nd year. In this process, while asking my questions without hesitation with the support and closeseness provided by my professors, I got help with my troubles and had delightful conversations with them. Antalya Bilim University is located in Antalya next to the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone which brings many advantages to the students, for our departmental internships and the professional orientation in the future. The foreign affiliated companies in the Port District also brings many opportunities.
As a newly graduated Industrial Engineer, my primary goal is to have a good profession where I can develop myself in my field, analyze the production sector in detail and advance my career, by putting on top of my theoretical knowledge and internship experiences. Then, I want to specialize by applying to the master's program and working in the logistics field.
I am happy that I preferred Industrial Engineering because it is a section that is intertwined with life, that gives different perspectives, broadens vision and is open to many possibilities.









Miray TOKA