I am a 3rd year student of industrial engineering at Antalya Bilim University. When I first selected to study the Industrial Engineering programme, I had a lot of questions in my mind. Thanks to the courses I have taken and the internships, all the questions marks have been cleared. Industrial Engineering is subject which is a combination of human relations and engineering, and the courses are highly based on Maths. Thanks to the curriculum in which all the courses are taught in English, we are able to reach more resources from all around the world. In addition to the intensive courses, I am also involved in the theater activities of the school. We will continue to do research on different topics such as neuroscience in project-based courses given by our department's instructors. We can reach our department's professors in every way easily and sincerely.

In today's conditions, the second foreign language becomes compulsory. Thanks to the different foreign languages provided by our school, I aim to improve my Spanish language skills. My plan for the future is to work in the logistics department of the company where I do my internship.








My name is Nurhayat Bahşi, I am a 3rd year student of Industrial Engineering at Antalya Bilim University. I started getting to know Industrial Engineering in 11th grade thanks to the guidance I get in highschool. My teacher directed me in line with my talents and interests. I was even more confident about my choice by starting college and taking my departmental courses. At the same time, the fact that my department professors were supportive and instructive was very important for me and increased my motivation. That's why being in school and spending time makes me very happy. No matter how challenging the department lectures may seem, it is always enjoyable for me because it increases my affinity and interest in the department. In this interest, the effects of my professors are also great because they are always supportive and guiding. It is a great advantage for me that our university gives education in English. In addition to improving my English constantly, it provides me a great convenience to obtain and access information from countless sources. At the same time, our university offers numerous opportunities for us to improve ourselves. Especially seminars and incoming speakers are instructive for us. That's why I am very happy with my location and department.

As a student of Industrial Engineering who has passed the 3rd year, my current plan is to improve myself in various computer programs and to develop my second foreign language with the elective courses I will take in the next semester. I am sure that I will improve my skills with the summer internships, future lessons and trainings. A master's degree is among my future plans as well.




Nurhayat BAHŞİ

Hello, I am Cansu. I am an industrial engineering student and I am doing a double major in Computer Engineering. I have completed the third grade from both departments.

Antalya Bilim University provided opportunities for me to improve myself beyond theoretical knowledge. I had the chance to work part-time at the Information Technologies Directorate of our university and later as a teaching assistant. The opportunity of working part-time provided by our school enabled me to gain experience while studying.

Later, thanks to the Erasmus + Internship program, I completed my two-month internship at the University of Bologna in Italy. As part of the internship program, I worked on the failure data analysis of the Cyclotron device in the Nuclear Medicine department at the University Hospital Policlinico Sant'Orsola-Malpighi. Erasmus + has been an experience that I am glad I have done that has improved me in every sense. Our university provides Erasmus student exchange and Erasmus internship opportunities to interested students.

The language of instruction is very useful, especially in terms of working in international projects and benefiting from foreign resources. Thanks to the English education provided by our school, I did not encounter any difficulties in academic or daily speaking during my stay in Italy.

I did another internship at a software company in Antalya Technopolis on data science and machine learning. Companies within the body of Antalya Technopolis provide an environment where you can do your internship and develop yourself in the rapidly developing software industry.

I am currently working on topics such as artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. It is important to have a strong knowledge of statistics and mathematics, especially in these topics, which have increased their popularity today, and you can find these courses intensively in the Industrial engineering curriculum.

Our industrial engineering faculty members have always supported me throughout my double major. If we want to consult our department teachers about any subject, we can easily reach them. In the future, I aim to improve my skills and pursue a master's degree.




My name is Dilara Budak, I am a senior year Student on Industrial Engineering at Antalya Bilim University. I am also studying a double major on Computer Engineering. One of the main reasoning behind me choosing Industrial Engineering is that this department has more opportunities to be involved with social aspects of life and human interactions. Another major factor was also the wide range of job opportunities. I am confident that if you are to choose this department, you will have a realization that the methods we are learning as Industrial Engineers are being used to choose a restrourant, a product, or even a road to take to your destination. I believe this allows a better understanding of the theoretical knowledge given at our courses. It is possible to get so much valuable information and knowledge from my professors at both of my majors. At IE our core courses are mainly require and focus on use of mathematics and modelling. I can say that as long as you follow the courses with proper attention, it is not so hard to excel. All the coursework such as homeworks, quizzes, projects and presentations allows to solidify the knowledge and helps to keep up to date with the course content. Our professors are always ready to support with topics regarding the courses and otherwise. Since the language of education is English, this allows great opportunity to students who want to further their careers abroad. Level of English thought at the prep school level is quite enough to follow courses and have easy day to day conversations. Antalya Bilim University also allows students to work part time. I had such experience at my second year and have worked at our university’s IT department for a year. I believe that I have gained valuable hands on experience during my time as a part time worker. As I have mentioned before, Antalya Bilim University offers chance to do a double major program and opportunity to graduate with two diplomas. I have started my double major program at my second year and am currently at my senior year on both programs. I must admit that keeping up with two majors requires a lot of work however I am confident that this will be more than worth my effort in the end. I am happy to be a student at Antalya Bilim University.






Dilara BUDAK

Hello, my name is Elifnaz Gerçek. I have enrolled to Antalya Bilim University in Industrial Engineering as the top student in 2018. I have started my minor with Economics at the beginning of my second year. Taking economics classes gave me the awareness of evaluating events from different angles and in an harmonious way. After a pleasent semester, according to my GPA increase, I decided to add a major to my academic life with Computer Engineering.  End of the second year we are expected to do internship in  summer thus I applied AGT for internship program. Big facilities and companies such as AGT,  chooses people with tests generally.  They sent me a test including general culture and English. I passed the test easily and started my internship in Production Department. I will start my junior year in 2020 Fall semester. To be honest I did not have too much information about Industrial Engineering before I’ve enrolled, and was not thinking engineering as a profession to begin with. The saving grace that I can say about my uneducated and almost botched choice of a department is the academic staff namely my professors. I am a first hand witness on how my professors here are doing everything they can to support their students, make themselves available for us to ask questions about any course or a real life problem. My biggest motivations have been my consulting teacher and the courses I’m taking from very capable professors in their respective fields. Project focused courses that we are taking are allowing me to improve my way of thinking and pushing myself to think outside of the box. I can safely say now that Industrial Engineering is a great choice for me to have for the wide range of variety that it offers as job opportunities. In the upcoming years of my education life, I believe that choices abroad are going to be my goal. I am confident that education language being English and the selective courses that I am taking as a second language are going to allow me to reach my goals. I have no regrets coming and studying here, and I love being a part of this university.        















Elifnaz GERÇEK