Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments train 'physiotherapists' with professional autonomy who plan and implement assessment and treatment approaches specific to physiotherapy and rehabilitation, aiming to increase the health-related quality of life of individuals and the society, both for healthy individuals and for individuals who have decreased or lost function for different reasons. Due to the need for conscious protection of health as a result of the increasing inactivity of the elderly population all over the world, scientific and technological developments, in addition to the therapeutic roles of physiotherapists, preventive duties with preventive approaches have been added.

In order to be able to do the physiotherapist profession, to have completed a 4-year undergraduate program that provides education, and to have a T.C. diploma. It must be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a branch of science that aims to restore function in the musculoskeletal, circulatory, and respiratory system, nervous system disorders and plans the correct and effective exercise prescription for sick, disabled, or healthy individuals. Physiotherapists, in many fields of medicine, orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological and neurosurgical rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, rheumatic diseases, women's health, athlete's health, research institutes, orthosis-prosthetic rehabilitation units, vocational rehabilitation centers, home care centers, industrial organizations, special education and rehabilitation centers, intensive care, elderly care and rehabilitation centers, sports and physical centers, healthy living units, spa and cure centers, and health tourism centers.

Antalya Bilim University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation was established by the President's Decision, published in the Official Gazette dated 11.11.2019, and accepted its first students in the 2020-2021 academic term.

Care has been taken to ensure that our curriculum, which is a four-year undergraduate program, is in line with the epidemiological realities of our country and in accordance with the principles stipulated by national and international accreditation institutions. Our language of instruction is Turkish.

Antalya Bilim University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation contributes to the development of the Health system with its qualified graduates and original scientific studies, which train well-equipped physiotherapists who set the right model in education, research, professional development, and service, adopt the principle of lifelong learning, adhere to professional ethical principles. It aims to be a recognized department on national and international platforms.

Best Regards.

Assoc. Dr. Yıldız ERDOĞANOĞLU

Head of Department