As Antalya Bilim University, we established the School of Tourism to take tourism education a step further. Our aim is to train leading tourism entrepreneurs who are experts in their fields, well-equipped in terms of business applications and theories, competent in applied labs and courses, speak at least two languages, able to quickly adapt to international platforms and possess advanced vocational skills and competencies.

The Department of Tourism Management aims to train qualified individuals who have sectoral experience and intellectual knowledge, competent in analyzing and interpreting economic and political global agenda and think prospectively, as required by both the ever-growing tourism industry, and public and educational institutions.

We created our syllabus by reviewing the tourism syllabuses of leading international universities and taking sectoral needs into consideration. Our students have opportunities to analyze the sector and blend theoretical and practical knowledge through their projects during training. They also take the opportunity to work in local and international tourism enterprises during their vocational application (internship) periods, and prepare themselves for their life after graduation in the best way. 

Our university is located in Antalya, which is one of the best touristic destinations in the world. Visited by an average of 10 million people annually, Antalya receives increasing investments and provides new employment opportunities. Thanks to the university’s location and sectoral business affiliations, our students get to receive vocational training in the most prominent 5-star hotels of the region.

What distinguishes us from many colleges of tourism is our teaching staff who are closely acquainted with the sector. Students of the School of Tourism will have the opportunity to make their career plans more confidently with the help of our teaching staff who have integrated their sectoral experiences and academic careers. 
Tourism is the future. You can be a part of this family and plan your future with us.

Visit us and see our facilities for yourself.