Professional Development

“Meeting learner needs in the classroom means meeting teacher needs to be prepared for the classroom.” (Elizabeth England, 1998).

The School of Foreign Languages composed of academically well-trained native and non-native instructors, endeavors to support collaboration and teamwork among the great cultural variety of our instructors. Each member of staff is striving to help students learn accurate and fluent English in a friendly environment.

Since the aims and the needs in language learning have evolved into a more communicative trajectory, in recent years new directions and variations in teaching foreign languages have emerged out. In line with these current requirements, a more interactive and dynamic teaching style is singled out. With regard to this fact, roles of teachers and students have changed into a partnership in the learning process. Changing role means that teachers need more opportunities for carrying on with their professional development.

That being the case, life-long learning process plays an essential part to keep our instructors abreast with up to date teaching methods and techniques. Accordingly, providing professional development opportunities is a crucial factor for long term success of teaching programs. Here are some objectives envisaged by the teacher trainer:

  • Apart from the recruitment of high-qualified instructors, providing high-quality in-service training courses to let them improve their teaching skills and keep up with the current research in the field of language teaching is one of our foremost purposes.
  • The instructors are encouraged to present at local, regional and international meetings and conferences. (A detailed list of selected conferences is located on the events.)
  • Focused conversations and open-discussion sessions are held to help instructors reflect together about any issue pertained to foreign language teaching.
  • Mentorship between more and less experienced instructors is supported through peer-observation and peer-coaching process. Considering the recent research, co-learning of teachers is known to be an incentive to carry out collaborative action research to find out a solution for classroom problems.
  • Through suggested research articles, language instructors are propped up to perform extensive reading.

Teacher Trainer: Fatih BOZOĞLU -