Goals and Objectives

  • At Antalya Bilim University, our purpose in holding National and International Education Days activities is to inform students about national and international educational opportunities for Masters, doctorates, etc., as well as to give them accurate information about language classes, certificate programs, and scholarship possibilities. With these aims in mind, we are planning to achieve the following goals:​
  • ​​To help our students to make more informed decisions about studying abroad.
  • To help our students who have graduated achieve their goals throughout their education, and to  foster an awareness of how to plan and manage their time during their studies abroad.
  • To provide our students with accurate and up-to-date information through talks with top corporate administrators and specialists in enlightening seminars.
  • To inform our students about training abroad opportunities available through companies (free training/scholarship possibilities).
  • To inform our students about institutions offering training and education (exchange, internships, etc) with whom our University has agreements.
  • You can follow our National and International Education Days programs by dropping by the Career Development Center, ABU TV screens, notice boards and via our website at career.antalya.edu.tr