1. Using theoretical, evidence-based and applied knowledge in the field of midwifery, with a holistic and systematic approach, it provides the qualified care needed by normal/risky pregnant women and their families in the period from the formation of pregnancy to delivery.

  2. Within the scope of basic health services, it carries out immunization and 0-6 age child care and follow-up, infectious disease control programs.

  3. Provides necessary midwifery care to women, family and society, evaluates and records the impact of the care given.

  4. It determines the health education needs of women, family and society on issues related to health, and provides training and consultancy in this direction.

  5. Communicates by expressing her ideas with the ability to work individually and to make independent decisions.

  6. Knows the laws and laws in the field of midwifery at national and international level in midwifery education, practices, research and management, acts in accordance with the relevant legislation, human rights and dignity, professional values and ethical principles.

  7. Works collaboratively with interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary team members.

  8. It fulfills the responsibility of producing scientific knowledge specific to midwifery by taking part in all kinds of research, projects and activities that will contribute to individual and professional development.

  9. 9. Aware of the necessity of lifelong education in her personal and professional development, accesses scientific and current information specific to her field, evaluates the accuracy, validity and reliability of the information.

  10. Uses at least one foreign language at a level to reach scientific information and communicate effectively.