It is an undergraduate education program that receives students according to the numerical score type, the language of education is Turkish and the education period is 4 years. The main purpose of the Midwifery undergraduate program is to provide students with education at a level that can address individuals with a holistic and humane approach, protect and develop health and meet their care needs, in line with an up-to-date curriculum that includes the basic concepts, theories and principles of the midwifery profession

After graduation, students who graduate from the midwifery department will be able to work in all units of public and private inpatient treatment institutions related to the midwifery profession and in institutions where basic health services are carried out (family health centres, community health centres, health houses, etc.), as well as work as academicians in universities.

The midwifery profession has three professional associations, namely the Turkish Midwives Association, the Educational Research and Development Association and the Anatolian Midwifery Association. Since 2003, graduate education, since 2013, doctorate education in the field continues. Students graduate from this program with the title of "Midwife".