Students are admitted to our department via central placement by OSYM, Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS), domestic and international inter-institutional horizontal transfer conditional on success, horizontal transfer within the school conditional on success, horizontal transfer between institutions and within the school regarding central placement points. Students admitted to our department may request that the courses they have been successful in from the undergraduate or associate degree programs that they had been enrolled before enrolling in the department can be adapted to the curriculum of our department. This request is made by a petition to the Faculty Dean at the beginning of the academic year by which the student must have completed the English Preparatory School if necessary. The requesting student is required to add the original of the transcript to the petition. The adjustment process is carried out in accordance with the principles determined by the board of directors and the commissions assigned by our faculty. The course contents and ECTS load are taken into account in the adjustment process. In the compliance process, a decision is made by evaluating the knowledge of the students, who has especially taken courses from the faculty departments and colleges other than the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, on economics. In the evaluation of the compliance demands of the international students enrolled in our department with the horizontal transfer between institutions, it is taken into account whether the courses taken from abroad are compatible with the national program qualifications for the field of Economics.