The Department of Business Administration at ABU is dedicated to training highly qualified managers for the world of business. The primary aim is to equip students in terms of theory and practice, enabling them to respond to the constantly changing needs of the business world. Students will also receive the best possible knowledge about information technologies, as well as being able not only to manage personal brands, but also to function in corporate culture.

The faculty members at the College of Business have attained their postgraduate degrees from leading universities throughout the world. They have extensive experience in both the international private sector and in academia. The medium of instruction is English, thus enabling our graduates to keep abreast of current trends and to follow publications in the global business climate. Students are also able to carry out administrative tasks in different cultures and nations.

In a social context, the faculty includes student organizations created by the students themselves. These organizations represent a variety of interests and the students are able to take up individual administrative roles. The faculty offers continuous support to students both academically and socially.