1) Have knowledge of social science research design and execution
2) Understand the knowledge that was developed and deepened at graduate expertise level as it relates to each discipline; and combine, comment and create new knowledge with the help of the knowledge coming from other disciplines.
3) Be aware of inter-disciplinary approaches in social sciences
4) Have the ability to relate different issues in the social sciences to contemporary events
5) Have the ability to analyze in written and oral form issues related to the social sciences
6) Develop critical thinking skills
7) Be aware of ethical responsibilities in profession
8) Can access information, use library and electronic resources effectively
9) Communicates effectively with stakeholders in the field of profession. 
10) Is able to work individually and in groups
11) Identifies mision and vision for the institution he/she contributes
12) Utilizes the field-related knowledge and interpret the visual, quantitative and qualitative data; conduct the analysis; and designate a strategy for the institution he/she contributes