Required Documents for Final Registration:

1. Original High School Diploma

2. Original High School Transcript (Last 3 Years)

3. Original Translation of High School Transcript and Diploma into English or Turkish

4. Diploma Equivalency Certificate (From Ministry of Education in Turkey)

5. National/International Exam results

6. Language proficiency exam result /TOEFL/TOEFL-IBT

7. Copy of Student Visa

8. Copy of Passport (pages where your personal details and last entrance appear)

9. Copy of Residence Permit Card both sides

10. 6 photographs (white background - 4,5x6)

11. Blue Card (For German-French Applicants)

12. Copy of Health Insurance

13. Payment Document (stamped from Financial Office)

14. Acceptance Letter

15. For Turkish Citizens: Vukuatlı nüfus kayıt örneği, kimlik fotokopisi ve sgk dökümü

16. Tuition Fees Information

HOW TO APPLY?- Before Departure

          1. Fill the application form

          2. Receive your pre-acceptance letter in 2-5 working days.

          3. Pay 1.000 USD deposit payment and send us your receipt.

          4. Receive your acceptance letter in 3-5 working days.

          5. Apply for a student visa from the nearest Turkish Embassy in your home country.

          6. Get Apostille/Stamps on your Original High School Diploma and Transcript (last 3 Years)

from Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs in your country.

HOW TO REGISTER? – Upon Arrival

         1. Visit International Students Office at main campus for the health insurance and residence permit appointment.

         2. Apply for equivalency at Ministry of Education (Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı) in Turkey.

         3. Visit Financial Office (to make your remaining payment)

         4. Visit Students Affairs Office for Registration (with completed documents below)

         5 . Take ABU Proficiency Exam.

         6. Register your courses online and get your student card and e-mail account.

Student should confirm that:

           1. Will bring all required documents mentioned above for the final registration

           2. If GPA will be less than 2.5 the University has the complete right to deduct my scholarship (if available) as per the condition stated in the tuition fees information

           3.  If student cannot get equivalency from the Ministry of Education in Turkey the University won't take any responsibility and can cancel the registration

            4. Student will require deposit fees only in case of visa rejection confirmed from the embassy

            5. Tuition fees are paid at the beginning of each academic year and are non-refundable.


- Passport first page copy

- Visa and last entrance page copy

- 3 Biometric photos (white background 4*6/5*6)

- Original Turkish student certificate (Öğrenci Belgesi)

- House contract notarized copy

- Application form (signed every page at the bottom)

- Original Health Insurance (At least one year)

- Numaraj/Address registration from the students who own a house (from Municipality)

- Tax number from tax office

- Receipt for residence permit card (89 TL)

Note for students under 18 years old:

* Official confirmation from parents apostilled in your country and translated¬arized in Turkey.

* Birth certificate apostilled in your country and translated¬arized in Turkey.

* Copies of these two documents to use them for receiving equivalency.


Collect all required documents below and submit to Ministry of Education in Turkey. 

- Application form filled properly.

- Copy of the passport.

- Copy of the visa / residence permit card (ikamet)

- Original student paper/Acceptance letter.

- Original high school transcript for last 3-years apostilled/stamped from Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education in your country and copies. 

- Original school diploma and copy.

- If the documents are not English or Turkish, it should be translated into Turkish and notarized only in Turkey.