Required Documents for Final Registration:


1. Original High School Diploma

2. Original High School Transcript (Last 3 Years) 

3. Original Translation of High School Transcript and Diploma into English or Turkish.

4. Diploma Equivalency Certificate (From Ministry of Education in Turkey)

5. National/International Exam results

6. Language proficiency exam result (TOEFL, TOEF-IBT)

7. Copy of Student Visa

8. Copy of Passport (pages where your personal details and last entrance appear)

9. Copy of Residence Permit Card both sides (After receiving from Ministry)

10. 6 photographs (white background - 4,5x6)

11. Blue Card (For German-French Applicants)

12. Copy of Health Insurance

13. Payment Document (stamped from Financial Office).

14. Acceptance Letter

15. For Turkish Citizens: Vukuatlı nüfus kayıt örneği, kimlik fotokopisi ve sgk dökümü