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    Turkish Sign Language

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    Anadolu University

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    Antalya Bilim University (continue)

Appointment according to the Article 31 of the Higher Education Act No: 2547 ***


Müjgan Kücükoğlu, after graduating from Istanbul University, Department of Foreign Trade in 2002, she graduated from her bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Faculty of Business Administration, Anadolu University. In 2017, she completed her Pedagogical Formation Training at Akdeniz University, Faculty of Education, Department of Accounting-Finance, Marketing & Retail, she has started to Turkish Sign Language training of trainers since 2016 and completed successfully. She is currently studying for her non-thesis master program at Department of Business Administration in Social Sciences Institute of Antalya Bilim University.

She worked for course of graduation as a pre-accountancy executive in private sector for more than 5 years in 2017 she started to work as a Turkish Sign Language instructor. She is currently studying Sign Language at the 60+ Refreshing Universities of Akdeniz University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Gerontology. In the meantime, more than 100,000 people utilized their mobile devices in the field of Sign Language and there is a free application for distance learning (Sign Language Animated Dictionary), and thanks to this application, the training can be more permanent and more efficient.