Aim of the Program

The aim of the Undergraduate Program of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is to train, “physiotherapists,” who provide physical treatment and rehabilitation service. Our department aims to train expert physiotherapists and healthcare professionals by providing theoretical and applied training and education in the light of the latest technological developments and scientific research. Our graduates will be able to find employment in physical medicine and rehabilitation centers, orthopedics and traumatology centers, special education and rehabilitation centers of universities and/or state institutions and home care centers. Within this scope, our graduates will be employed as professional healthcare workers who adhere to vocational ethics, principles and values. They will also keep improving their vocational skills by taking responsibilities in the areas of implementation, education, research and management throughout their careers.


       Program Outputs

•  Defines and broadly describes theoretical knowledge of basic medicine and clinical sciences, and associates them with the field of physiotherapy,

•  Implements and analyzes the assessment methods of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and interprets them by associating them with theoretical knowledge

•  Plans and implements physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs that are specific to individuals

•  Records and archives assessment and treatment data

•  Plans, executes and presents scientific research

• Possesses effective communication skills

•  Defines its vocational obligations and responsibilities from a juridical perspective, and implements them within the frame of ethical principles

•  Possesses lifelong vocational learning skills

•  Effectively uses foreign languages to keep up with the latest developments in the field

•  Has an understanding of the topics related to vocational quality and occupational health and safety and puts this knowledge into practice.