Antalya deserves a special emphasis when we are talking about Tourism. Antalya can be considered the steam engine of tourism in Turkey along with Istanbul. It is a city where tourism facilities and institutions are available in 4 seasons. Culture tourism being the most prominent, Antalya offers various facilities for different tourism options such as sea, sports, health, winter, convention, plateau, cave, camp and faith tourism.

Culture tourism is mainly carried out in various spots of the coastal strip. This location includes Old Town, historical structures, mosques and churches. Sea tourism is carried out along the coastal strip. Sea tours are also offered in this location. The most well-known spots for sea tourism are Cleopatra, Konyaalti and Lara beaches.

In terms of sports tourism, Antalya hosts popular sports events. Soccer, tennis and golf being in the first place, hundreds of teams and athletes from various sports prefer Antalya each year. Antalya has the required facilities for these branches of sports, and hosts seminars for athletes and officers. In various fields such as judo, weight lifting, fencing, volleyball and badminton, Antalya has hosted a total of 177 events, 39 of which are international, 66 of which are national, 45 of which are training courses and seminars and 27 of which are for the national team. 

Although Antalya is mostly known for summer tourism, it is also one of the most leading cities for winter tourism. Saklikent Ski Resort in Antalya is a prominent facility for winter tourism.

In terms of convention tourism, Antalya offers a good spot for important business meetings for people around the world thanks to its transportation options and accessibility, many recreational places, and facilities with a capacity for more than 106.000 people.