Studying Nomination List

Training Nomination List

Erasmus Internship Mobility was supposed to be held on 2020 summer but it has been postponed to 2021 summer because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also it has been stated in the 4th article of the Higher Education Council's announcement on 13 March, 2020 ( )  until a second announcement, that all academic exchange programs were stopped as students / will not be able to participate in mobility even if they are selected. You will be able to start after the process returns to normal.


***Orientation day (information day about the process) will be held as online and will be sent e-mail about the date and time.


*** If you cannot see your name on nominated parts and you still want to benefit from Erasmus Mobility Program you can do it with zero grant! But don’t forget that you need to have 50 out of 100. Please send e-mail to Erasmus office.


*** TRAINING STUDENTS: You have time until 15th of January 2021, Friday, 17.30 to bring acceptance letter/ invitation letter, if nominated students will not bring this until the date we mention, we have to choose the students who have an acceptance letter from waiting list in order! That’s why you all need to work on finding an acceptance letter. You can apply to any companies, any universities in any countries – Europe (except Switzerland) for training, we don’t need to have an agreement with them. As you know grants depends on countries economic situation (you can see from the detailed announcement). After we receive acceptance letters, according to the countries, the quota for training may increase.


***If someone wants to go United Kingdom within the framework of Erasmus need to start process earlier than other countries because it takes long time.


***If you will not be able to start your semester in host university in fall semester, you will be able to do it in summer semester.


*** If you want to give up your Erasmus right, you need to inform and send e-mail to Erasmus Office until 11th of May, 17.30. If you will cancel your mobility after the mentioned date, 10 points will be cut from your total Erasmus application points for the next time.


You can find some explanations about results and lists;

1.Students who have less than 2.20 CGPA were deleted before the English Exam,

2. Erasmus Studying Mobility (KA103 & KA107) and Swiss Mobility Results are written in Studying Nomination List.

3. There are some students who did not attend to Erasmus English Exam but they are in the list because they have submitted TOEFL, YDS or YÖKDİL results,

4. Students were selected according the quota of the departments,

5. If there was no one from a department;

-the quota was given to another department in same faculty,

-the quota was given to department which has more Erasmus agreements.


You will be informed about the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact Erasmus Office for more information.


Wishing you good health.