Event will be the celebration of design and creativity in Antalya, the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast
Held under the coordination of Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, the first edition of Antalya Bilim University Design Festival is set to establish a divers platform for design and creativity. Planned to take place at the academic calendar, this event will be held on 25th-27th of April 2018. The event includes workshops, seminar and exhibition of students’ art and design.
The workshop and talks will respond to the theme "Rethink & Rebuild". The workshops will work towards improving the visual and physical quality of Antalya Bilim University campus. Visual and physical features of our surrounding trigger certain thoughts and desires, causing us to behave in certain ways. Content of the workshops will aim to create a path for students to understand their relationship with the environment and help them improve this relationship by rethink and rebuild their surroundings. 
The outcome of the workshops should mainly focus on physical environment of Antalya Bilim University Campus.

To apply for organizing a workshop please fill the application form and send it to designfest@antalya.edu.tr until 3rd of March. Approved workshops will be announced until 10.03.2018.