Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1- What are the employment opportunities?
You will have the opportunity to find employment in many accommodation companies, most important which are our business partners (Rixos and Jakaranda). In addition to them, there are a wide range of business lines such as airline companies, tour operators, travel agencies, food-drink companies, the Ministry of Tourism, marina sector and universities (as lecturer). The tourism sector continues to develop in Turkey, and thousands of new employment opportunities emerge each year.

2- Is a foreign language required to enter the College of Tourism?
The education in our college is fully in English. Students who do not speak English will be placed in a preparatory class. They will start their tourism education once they successfully complete one year of preparatory class.

3- Will I have opportunity to learn a second foreign language?
Our college lays a special emphasis on foreign language education.  There are two foreign language courses in our curriculum, and some of the courses offered are Russian, German, Spanish and Turkish Sign Language. We aim to ensure that our students graduate from our college with a good knowledge of a second foreign language along with English.

4- How does someone advance in their career after graduating from the College of Tourism?
In tourism sector, professional business life is a long and toilsome path as in all business lines. However, any decent and hardworking person who has a good work discipline and loves and respects his/her job will get what he/she deserves. Self-development, assessment of job opportunities, doing what it takes to meet sectoral demands and having the required determination and patience will eventually bring success. In hotels, in addition to starting positions, there are various spots to fill such as unit chief, deputy manager, unit manager, assistant general manager and general manager. There is a wide range of units on which you can specialize. You can specialize in fields such as food-drink, front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing, human resources and accounting. However, key to being successful in hotel management is to have some knowledge on everything. 
What distinguishes our university and college is that we have a 4-year experience integrated in the sector. In addition, you can improve your leadership skills by working with managers three days a week through “Management Shadowing” program in the last semester of your 4th year. It will help you gain experience in the sector and graduate as an informed and experienced individual. Mandatory vocational trainings that you will have in two summer periods will help you work in starting positions and get to know the field. The starting position will depend on your skills, knowledge and experience.

6- What is Management Shadowing program?
“Management shadowing” is a program where we combine the skills and experience our students acquire in training and internship periods. Students who gain right to join the program will continue their education 3 days a week during the spring semester of their fourth year while at the same time they will work as the shadow of a manager in tourism sector. This program will provide administrative experience to our students on top of their operational experience gained during internship periods, and help them make career plans for the future. 
Thanks to this program, our students gain experience in decision-making processes by learning how to use the perspective of a manager to evaluate technical knowledge and experience. Within our study programs that bring together fresh ideas of our students and experience of managers, our students attend job interviews, participate in business meetings and be a part of the daily work flow.