Dear Student,

We would like to kindly inform you that you can find the detailed information about Thesis Submission and Thesis Defence as below. Related forms are presented in the attachment.


The student who has completed his/her thesis, must present it to his/her advisor. After the advisor confirmation, the student delivers the following forms to the Institute.

• 1 Thesis

Thesis Submission Form

Master / PhD Dissertation Plagiarism Report Form

• Plagiarism Report


If the Institute finds the thesis appropriate, the following sequence must be applied.

• The student provides five copies from the thesis

• The student submits one copy to Supervisor, two copies to main Jury Members, two copies to Substitute Members and transmits the signed thesis delivery form to Institute.

• The time between submission and distribution of thesis must not exceed 10 days.


The student who submits her thesis to the members of the jury must take the thesis defense exam within 1 month at the latest.



Thesis Exam Official Report Form

Thesis Submission Form

Thesis-Project Data Entry and Sharing Form

Declaration-Permission Form

Thesis Jury Evaulation Form-(3 Items for 3 Jury Members)


When the student submits the Thesis (3 copies), 1 CD, YÖK Thesis Data Entry Form to Institute, the process of Thesis is completed.



Note: Students must deliver the aforementioned documents to the institute not later than a month after defending their thesis.

Note: For the thesis decided to be corrected; Thesis Exam Official Report Form and the Jury Evaluation Forms in the 3rd stage must be submitted to the Institute within 3 days at the latest.