1.What is the language of Education at Antalya Bilim University (Bachelor Program)?

Language of Education is English. However, Law Department consist of 30% of English and 70% of Turkish.


2. What is the quota for each department for International students?

The quota is 50 students per department.


3. Once we open new department, when are we able to accept International students?

After one year.

4. How can I transfer my deposit or my semester fees?

  • You can transfer your deposit amount from any bank in your country but, please make sure that the bank you are using to transfer your deposit amount can transfer dollar and euro to abroad banks. If you are in Turkey, you can transfer through any nearby Denizbank or through Denizbank ATM using your Turkish ID number. Please make sure to state your Name and Surname when you do your transaction.

5. How and where can I get my Equivalency Certificate (Bachelor applicant)?

You should apply for Equivalency Certificate at Ministry of Education in Turkey.

You should fill a form provided by international office with given instructions and submit it along with the following documents to Ministry of Education.

  • High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate should be taken from the Ministry of Education in Turkey Before going to Ministry of Education (Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı):
  •        Original High School Diploma and its translated.
  • Original High School Transcript and its translated.
  • Original and copy of the residency permit in Turkey (min for 6 months).
  • Original and copy of the passport page with photo and the visa page.
  • Original transcript of 10th 11th and 12th grades and ıts translated copy.

6. What are the required documents for admission (Bachelor applicants)?

The required documents are:

  • Original High School Diploma should be translated into English or Turkish.
  • Original High School Transcript should be translated into English or Turkish
  • 3 years Transcripts.
  • Passport copy.
  • Application Form.


7. When and where can I get my Student ID Card (Bachelor students)?

  • You can get you card from Student Affairs directly after your registration (in the main campus).

8. Are there regulations to maintain the scholarship for 4 year’s university education (Bachelor students)?

  • As stated in the bottom of your scholarship information, the general GPA should be above 2.5 to be able to keep your scholarship.

9. What are the benefits of student ID card?

  • You can use it during entry and exit to university, for eating at dining hall, and in the library, student bus card, special discount for ABU students from shops outside the campus.

10. What should I do if I lose my Student ID Card?

  • Pay 15 TL in financial office and take receipt to the student affairs to get your new ID card.

11. I want to cancel my registration from the university, what should I do?

  • Fill in the withdrawal form from student affairs, you need to get signature from all the related department mentioned in the form. After getting all the signatures, submit the form to student affairs be able to withdraw all your original documents from.

12. Where and how can I make my Residence Permit application?

  • You can make an online application at International Student Office (main campus) or International Relations office (markantalya campus).

13. How can I change my department?

  • You can change your department by cancelling your registration and applying again as a new student.

14. When and how can I transfer my courses from another University?

  • Only after admission and registration. The process takes 2-3 weeks.

15. When can I register for Bachelor programs or English preparatory school?

  • Once a year in the fall semester only!

16. When can I register for English/Turkish courses?

  • In fall, spring, and summer depending on applicant’s number.

17. What are the dormitory fees male/female?

  • Male dormitory is 2000$ per year. Female dormitory is 2000$ per year.

Prices change depending on rooms capacity.


18. In case of visa rejection, how can I get my refund?

  • In case that your visa is rejected, you will receive an official paper from the Embassy of Turkey, you need to send it by e-mail to (ISO or IRO) along with the filled forms from financial office your passport. The process takes 6 weeks.

19. Can I leave the country if I have already applied for residence permit but didn’t get the card yet.

Once you apply for residence permit before getting the card, the immigration office will issue Residence Paper which allow you to travel for 15 days only.


20. What is the process of freezing my semester and how much is the fees?

The process of freezing has specific deadline. Check the Academic Calendar. Student should fill the petition and mention the reason of freezing. There should be a payment of 1/3 of the total fees to be able to freeze your semester and you should get approval by e-mail.


21. What will happen if I do not renew my registration?

Your university account will accumulate debt, an automatic email will be sent from the university to immigration office and the residence permit will be canceled.


22. What master programs are taught in English?

  • Global Politics and International Relations
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering.

23. Is the MBA department taught in English?

No, not yet.


24. How will I know my university is accredited in Turkey (Master applicant)?

Email: International.relations@antalya.edu.tr.


25.Where can I get my equivalency? (Master applicant)?

  • Apply to the Council of higher education (YÖK/HEK) in Ankara, Turkey.
  • Application form.
  • Passport copy.
  • Payment receipt. 

26. When can I get my Student Identity Card (Master students)?

  • You can get you card from Marantalya 7th floor institute secretary office. one week after you register.

27. When can I get admission for master programs?

  • Twice a year in fall and spring semester.

28. What are the required documents for admission (Master applicants)?

  • 4 or 3-Year Bachelor diploma and transcript (More than 2.3 GPA for Thesis Based)
  • (Provisional certificate /Graduation letter)
  • Valid Passport
  • Any related certificate (optional)

29. From where can I get student certificate (for master students only)?

  • Markantalya office 7th floor.