The procedure to be followed regarding cooperation protocols to be signed with the universities abroad is as follows;

- The academic unit which wishes to cooperate with a university abroad and the university sends the draft protocol document (in Turkish and English) to the International Relations Office of the Rectorate with the official letter.
- After the approval of the senior management, if the draft protocol text from the unit that wants to make a protocol has been changed, it will be sent to the Legal Advisory Office by the International Programs Office by official letter.
- In line with the opinions of the Legal Adviser, the protocol is finalized.
- The protocol is sent to the Senate of our University.
- In the event that the Senate offers a positive opinion, the text of the protocol is sent to the Council of Higher Education for necessary approval.
- After the approval of the Council of Higher Education, the protocol text is signed by the Rectors of the universities.

 Protocols to be made in some countries are not subject to the approval of YÖK and it is only necessary to determine if the university is recognized by YÖK. In the protocols to be made by the university in this situation, a written about recognition is given to HEC simultaneously with the second stage; There is no need for the approval of the Higher Education Council (YÖK) as expressed in the 5th and 6th steps.


England - University of Leicester ( School of Foreign Languages )

Ukrayn - National  Aviation University

Ukrayn - Pavlo Tychna Uman Satate Pedagogical University

Pakistan - Iqra University

Pakistan - University of Management and Technology