The procedure to be followed regarding cooperation protocols to be signed with the universities abroad is as follows;

- The academic unit which wishes to cooperate with a university abroad and the university sends the draft protocol document (in Turkish and English) to the International Relations Office of the Rectorate with the official letter.
- After the approval of the senior management, if the draft protocol text from the unit that wants to make a protocol has been changed, it will be sent to the Legal Advisory Office by the International Relations Office.
- In line with the opinions of the Legal Adviser, the protocol is finalized.
- The protocol is sent to the Senate of our University.
- In the event that the Senate offers a positive opinion, the text of the protocol is sent to the Council of Higher Education for necessary approval.
- After the approval of the Council of Higher Education, the protocol text is signed by the Rectors of the universities.


  • University of Leicester - School of Foreign Languages  (England)
  • National  Aviation University (Ukraine)
  • Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University (Ukraine)
  • Iqra University (Pakistan)
  • University of Management and Technology (Pakistan)
  • Aktobe Regional State University (Kazakhstan)
  • University of Bıhac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)