Admission Process

Applications will be evaluated by the Admission Committee formed by ABU Engineering Faculty. Promising candidates will be called for on-campus (or online when necessary) interviews before a final decision is made.

The applicants will be ranked by an aggregated score that takes into account the ALES (or equivalent) score (50%), undergraduate GPA (10%), English proficiency exam score (10%) and the interview score (30%). Applicants with an aggregated score less than 60 will be rejected directly. Acceptance will be given to applicants starting from the top of the list until available positions are filled.  Faculty members can select any students from the list to work in their research projects, based on the mutual research interests of the faculty and the students.

Required documents:

•    Curriculum Vitae 
•    Official Transcript 
•    Undergraduate Degree Diploma¹
•    Graduate Program Entrance Exams¹
•    ALES (required for Turkish students, min. score 55)
•    GRE (optional for International students)
•    English Proficiency

Any of the following exam results with higher than minimum scores are acceptable. 

• YDS (min. score 60)
• TOEFL (p:550, c:220, i:80)
• YÖKDİL (min. score 70).

¹Photocopies are acceptable for the application, however original/certified copies will be required during admission.