Göktuğ Taş

International Air Travel Index(IATI)-Fraud Analyst – 2017 Graduates

Having graduated from College of Tourism which has the best academic staff in Turkey, is one of the most important steps in my professional life. Besides the theoretical part of my education, crucial information and practices that I learned from both my lecturers and the tourism professionals put me one step ahead as I made a good impression during job interviews.  

Seray Öztürk

Akra Hotel -  Guest Relations – 2017 Graduates

Having graduated from College of Tourism provided me the opportunity to meet professionals who are the best in their field, even before starting my career. With its international perspective, it made me confident that I can work all around the World without any fear.

Aslıhan Arslan

WOM Deluxe – Reservation Agent – 2017 Graduates

Antalya Bilim University is absolutely a door to the world. I gained my first working experience from an international hotel chain in Dubai, while going abroad used to be a dream for me. I made my next internship in Croatia through Erasmus+. We were trained to be entrepreneurial and solution-oriented managers of the future. We were educated at the international level for five years and we understand the contributions of this education better over time. Thank you for everything.

Talat Çam

Dubai Ritz Carlton – Restaurant Executive Candidate – 2017 Graduates

I can say that the national and international internship opportunities, Erasmus+, cooperation with Rixos Group and education in English provided by ABU College of Tourism, prepared me in practical terms as well as created job opportunities especially in luxury hotels. Currently, I am working at a well-known hotel and at a department which I always wanted to work. I think that I have enough experience and information for my current position thanks to my internships in F&B department at St. Regis Dubai, one of the luxuries brand of Marriott Group, and at St. Regis Florence Michelin Star through Erasmus+. At the same time, the theoretical background the faculty provides and the sectoral features made it easier for me to adapt to professional life. Your success depends on what you want at the end of the day and how far you want to go…

Luana Nanu

Florida State University - Research Assistant – 2017 Graduates

Having studied in a very international environment for my undergraduate helped me increase my cultural competency, which is very helpful as I work with partners from different countries and cultures. Furthermore, Tourism and Hotel Management bachelor’s degree has been very helpful in my enrollment to the Hospitality and Tourism Leadership Program.

Tom Buzadji

Development Aid – Business Development Manager – 2017 Graduates

I graduated from Tourism Management Department. I met many people through ABU. My social environment has increased 300 times more than before my education started. I can communicate with people from different cultures more easily. Additionally, during my university life, I obtained useful information about the tourism industry and hotel management. I realized my abilities thanks to theoretical background and internships provided. I am glad to prefer ABU College of Tourism. I wish good luck to all my professors and new students.

Yeldana Balakan

Rixos Head Office – Reservation Advisor – 2018 Graduates

There were compulsory internships during my studentship at Antalya Bilim University. My internship helped me understand what I like to do or what I can do better. My internships also contributed to my curriculum vitae and finding jobs quickly. Different events held at University, improving myself attending to those events and making many friends were an opportunity.

Gökhan Kaya

Meeting Point Turkey -  Operation/Transfer Reservation Agent – 2018 Graduates

Having graduated from ABU made a great contribution to me in many areas especially before my professional life started. As a fact of its’ international student profile, meeting people from various cultures and countries, affected my bilateral relations with people positively. In addition to these opportunities, being educated in a foreign language has given me a lot of advantages especially in tourism industry. Today, I can imagine far more than my current position thanks to theoretical and practical information given by expert academic staff, tourism professionals who visit our College and share their experiences with us.

Elif Çetin

Rixos Premium Tekirova – Human Resources Agent – 2018 Graduates

I graduated from Antalya Bilim University, Tourism Management Department in 2018. The most important reason for studying in this department was to take my theoretical lessons from professors, whom are expert in their fields and encouraging us for self-improvement. The internship opportunities and management shadowing programme allowed us to learn practical knowledge with meeting with professionals of the industry and working together. I completed my Management Shadowing Programme in Human Resources Department which I wanted to work after graduation. I got more information about this department during my education and I decided to improve myself in this field. Currently, I am working in the Human Resources Department at Rixos Tekirove Hotel and I feel very lucky for the contribution of my education to me.

İrem Karadeniz

Akra Hotel – Group Reservation Agent – 2018 Graduates

As a graduate of the Tourism Management department, I can better observe how right it is to decide to study tourism in ABU. I had an opportunity to meet industry professionals, to participate in seminars and to improve myself through Faculty’s practical education and sectoral business affiliations. As a result of foreign language education prep class, I easily found an internship in the USA. I saw that ABU academics thought about our well-being even when we graduated, and they did not stop keeping in touch with us to inform us about new opportunities. I would like to thank all the professors. Thanks for everything you have brought me ABU!

Hazal Kanıcı

Kervansaray Lara Convention Center & Spa - Sales and Marketing Agent – 2018 Graduates

Having graduated from ABU College of Tourism provided me many advantages through the theoretical background as well as internship opportunities. Thanks to the internship opportunities provided by ABU, I completed my internships at Rixos Group, which is a world brand. Thus, I had no adaptation problem when my professional carrier started. The advanced foreign language education provides a big advantage for those who take their first steps in the industry. Additionally, meeting with professional managers through the University’s sectoral affiliations has provided me self-confidence primarily for the development of my social environment and for expressing myself in my business relations.

Sena Altunsoy

Grand Hotel Konya – Reservation Agent – 2018 Graduates

ABU provided us many opportunities in order to improve ourselves and to make us successful in the industry. In addition to foreign language education, internship opportunities abroad have contributed to the realization of many students' dreams including me. I am very glad to be able to use those opportunities. I thank all my professors one more time for their help and efforts. I feel very lucky for being a part of this family.

Tuğba Korkmaz

International Air Travel Index (IATI) -  Online Customer Representative (Reservation) – 2018 Graduates

I graduated from Antalya Bilim University College of Tourism in June 2018. I started to work in the Hospitality Department of IATI as a reservation agent in July. It cannot be denied that my graduation from ABU, foreign language education I received, and my internship in reservation and sales departments of Rixos Hotels helped me work in such a good position in a short period of time. ABU College of Tourism is a great chance for people who are planning an academic carrier or industry carrier in tourism in capital tourism city Antalya, where the need and necessity of qualified employees are increasing.